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Well, Hello!

So I got inspired to write an entry here because.. Well, mostly because I'm supposed to write a paper and I'm behind on my reading and procrastination is my middle name, but yeah. Hi!

How are you? Who are even still on here?

Last time I wrote was a little over a year ago! And my entries was sparse at best back then too.

But yeah, life is kind of like normal. I'm on my second year in uni now. It's fun and challenging and sometimes really tiring. I've been the vice chairman for our sektion, like a under group to the student's union since January and it has meant a lot of meetings and planning and trying to not get too frustrated at people not doing what they're supposed to. I'm soon done though and I'm looking forward to only having school work to worry about again!

Me and the boyfriend has been together for 5,5 years now which is an ridiculous amount of time. We're looking for a nice little cottage around our home town to buy as a vacation house. Just something small in the middle of nowhere, preferably by a lake. I feel like such an adult talking about buying actual houses! Even though this is cheap houses in the middle of nowhere, not our actual living space. The only reason we can even talk about this is because M is done with uni! Five plus years of uni and now he's a qualified engineer and makes actual money. Like, this has changed our living standards so much!

Meanwhile I started uni late and sometimes I really do feel the age difference between me and the rest of the class. Like most of them are 5-8 years younger than me and sometimes it's really obvious, sometimes, not at all. Also, I'm really awkward when it comes to making new friends. IDK. I'm just really bad at it. Like I have two people from class that I occassionally hang out with and it's fun and all but I really suck at suggesting we do something. It was never like this when I was younger! Just.. what?!

So, I have 1,5 years left of uni and my plan is to work with exhibiton productions. Hopefully I find a museum to work at, but yeah, freelancer is a very probable option. We'll see. I have some ideas for where to do my internships since I need to build a network of people in the buisness. Anyhow, I don't have to think about this quite yet, but we are talking about moving to Gothenburg when I'm done, so I'm looking up interesting museums there and tryin to find info about how much/often they're hiring and stuff.

In fandom news I'm of course still completely in love with Eito. I have also fallen so hard for Supernatural. Especially Destiel and Misha Collins. Like. I'm just so in love!

Ok. Enough of my rambling! Let's see if it'll take me another year to update again! :D


EITO! How are they so amazing?! I love the full PV and I love all the extras. I haven't listened to the album yet cause yeah, watching stuff. I fucking love them so much I can't handle it! And I really, really want to go to their cons and I know I can't and it sucks so bad!

I know I should be grateful because I've been, on several occasions but fuck I really want to go.

One year ago I was in Japan. We had been in Tokyo for four days at this point. Gaaaah~

Oh well, con-related sad thoughts aside. Subaru really likes to show off his legs huh? Those speedos and the little, little shorts. Weird little man! XD

Happy Anniversary!

Nine years huh?
I'm so happy that I got to know Eito back in 2007, and even though I don't live in Japan anymore and that I have a harder time keeping up with everything nowadays, I still love them so much.
Last year was epic through and through and I hope that their 10th year will be even more brilliant (when I'm planning to go to Japan again, at the end of the year).

I'm so grateful for everything they've given me. Amazing friends, lovely memories. Gosh, the first con back in 2008 I will always remember. It was at Yokohama Arena and we had amazing arena tickets and they were all so close and so amazing. Desire live. Just too amazing for words.

I'm so proud of them and I'm proud to be their fan.

Thank you, always! ♥

8EST 27/10 Ecopa Arena Shizuoka 18.00

Ah yes, I've been to two concerts now and I want it to still be a bit separate in my mind when I write the report so I kind of want to have this done tonight. Who needs sleep right?

Anyway, yesterday I went to my first Eito concert in over four years. It was incredibly emotional and all over amazing. To finally be there again and for it to be in such a small arena was absolutely amazing. After four years, it couldn't have been at a better venue.

I tried both yesterday and today to get tickets for the other cons too, but tickets from scalpers were extremely expensive and standing around with a note asking for a ticket proved completely fruitless.

Anyway, me and two of my friends went to the 18.00 concert. I was sitting with one of my friends and we were at E1, row 10, so at the far back. With a venue that small it doesn't really matter where you sit since they're so close anyway so the seats were pretty good.

I've been trying to find a set list to use while writing this report, but it has proved difficult, so I'll just use a handwritten one I found.

Anyway. The lights went out and there was this really cute video showing. It was like Eito eight years ago at some restaurant/café or something-place and they was wondering to each other if things would change at if they would be able to do stuff like lives and movies and becoming heroes. All in all it was a really sweet video that showed us what they've been going through and were they're at now.
Fore the first con I wasn't really getting much of what was being said in between the screaming and the sound of my own heart pounding and all that. Anyway, the leave the restaurant place and the years start counting and then when it says 2012 the screens showed their backs right behind the stage. And then they came out on stage. Wearing bright neon pink and they started with

Osaka Romanesque

So, I started crying the first moment I saw them and when Subaru started singing it just became the big ugly cry. It was so overwhelming to see them again. That they were actually right there and they were singing this amazing song that I've always loved and it was just perfect.
They stayed at the main stage for this song and I think at the first verse they all spread out and the stage split in seven parts and lifted them at different heights and it was all pretty. I think Maru was on the far right, then Yasu, Subaru was in the middle and then I'm not sure. Anyway, we sang and we did the dance and it was all beautiful and pretty. The stage was joined at the same height for the end of the song, but as high as it could get.
From that they went straight in to

Musekinin Hero

This song is such a great live song, it gets everyone jumping and high and happy and all of eito were really giving everything they had from the start so it was a joy to watch! Sometime during this song they went over to the back stage because that's where they did


This dance is so cute!! I love it when they shake their asses! XD And I like the song more when I don't have to see the annoying Shin-chan (the cartoon, not Hina)! I really like watching Subaru dance because he's such an awkward little man when he's dancing! He was running around being all cute to this one. And Okura is really charming everyone, all the time! ♥

At the end of this they went back to the main stage where the instruments had been set out. I think they also got rid of their jackets here? Subaru did a small welcome talk and he was blabbering a little but he was so cute, then Okura did a short drum solo thing (I think) and then the band session started with


It was so pretty!! This song is so great in so many ways, first of all it's the first band song releases as a single and it has great lyrics and it suits their voices really well and I love seeing them as a band and it was just perfect in every possible way.
They continued their band session with

Ai Deshita

This is such a pretty song! And they did it really well!! Subaru was so incredibly into it and when he has feeling he really has it and his face when he's singing, how he has the chord of the mic wired around his hand and the way he moves like he's so inside the music, just taking everything in, it's amazing. It makes me feel like I'm part of something really big and beautiful, to share these moments with him, the rest of eito and all the eighters. It's the most amazing feeling and I had goosebumps all over my body!

Tsubusa ni Koi

So fucking pretty! The screen behind them were all shimmery at the crescendo of this and ah, it's so pretty and I hadn't heard this live before either so it was such a treat to hear it! I don't know how to describe this part better than I already did so..


Once again Subaru started, I really have no idea what he said. Something about the arena tour starting and maybe something about how you get to see another Eito at arenas and idk, then he went off stage to change. Ryo said his greetings and went off. Then Yoko and he was being teased with the everyone going wuuuh~ (or was that today? XD). Okura of course got loads of screams and he was being all smiles and cute. When it was Maru's turn the only ones left on stage was him and Yasu. Now I don't really remember what he said but he was being weird and funny, I think he did some kind of impersonation that went right over my head but Yasu was laughing so much. Yasu said the usual stuff, like have fun right until the end and stuff like that. Then Yasu left and Hina came out in this matadorish black outfit with gold details. I didn't really like the outfit on him, it was loose where it should be tight and vice versa. Anyway, we screamed, the guys screamed (there were a lot of men during these cons) and then he walked slowly towards the middle stage and said fun stuff that I don't remember.
When he said his last words there was a blackout and


They were all at the middle stage in black clothes with gold details. Subaru's shirt had these golden stripes at the back that somehow got me thinking of pharaohs. I was really surprised by this song, like I wouldn't expect this from a best of tour, but I really love it so I was so happy they did it! Also I love to see them dancing. It's not really eito's strong point as a whole but I still love them dancing!
They went on to the main stage sometime during this song.

Dye D

HOLY FUCK! I just said dancing is not their strong point but GUUUUUH this was so HOT! I really love this song, in part because of the vampire and eyeliner associations, and they did it so well! I don't even know what to say about it, they were hot, there were fire and just YEEEEES!

After this they went off stage.

Eito Ranger!!!!

Love love love love love love! They started out with a VTR explaining what everyone's been doing since the last time. Yasu in blue eye shadow and yellow wig was probably the best!
They came out on their little bikes and went on the sides down and then back in the middle. On my side was Subaru, Hina, Maru and Yoko I think. They were all being silly and sitting strangely on their bikes and all. And since the venue is small they came back really fast except for someone (I think Hina) who was being silly and had to get in the group pose at the very last. XD
I'm sure all of you know the story by now. They are sent to another world, they suddenly have the urge to sing and dance when they meet snow white and they're like supposed to be her seven dwarfs, she eats the red apple while eito is being busy discussing that/if she really is snow white. They then get a countdown for when she will die of the apple eating and then a bunch of cats come out and want them to hand over snow white. Of course they won't so Yasu and Ryo carries her off stage. That was so funny to watch because they were not being careful at all and since they're both so short they couldn't really lift her that well. Then fighting ensues!
They had this really strange choreography with the cats doing cool looking choreography looking a lot like the musical cats while the rangers were doing some kind of posing dance that just looked bad in comparison.
Then they had all these separate fights.
Best parts to me was Subaru singing! XD It was just so weird! And then of course Maru doing gags with Subaru as the little judge. I don't always get Japanese gags, they're kind of far from my sense of humour, but Maru is so adorable I kind of laugh at everything he does! ♥ And Yoko had so much fun commenting it too. XD
Of course Green was shot again! XD I'm not sure but it seemed like the thing actually hurt him a little yesterday, he was running around shouting ittai a lot, especially compared to today's show, but idk.
And then Ryo fights, they all come out, everything seems hopeless and then Babun Man comes and saves the day!! I had no idea they would do that and I was so happy to see that! He came down from above singing and I got to do the Shingo! shout!!!
He saves the day, everything is great, babun man flirts a lot with snow white and in general it was all very good! I think that there's already a lot of reports explaining the eito ranger skit out there so I'm just going to leave it as this.


I love this dance with all my heart! ♥

It's My Soul

THIS SONG! It's very special to me. This is the first single they released when I had become a fan so it was the first single I bought. It's such a fun song and it has a special place in my heart so I was very happy to hear it again! They moved from the middle stage I think and to the back stage for the start of this one. They were taking of half of their ranger outfits and they all had really glittery white shirts underneath. They went back to the main stage during this song where they then did the


I think I was so filled with adrenaline during this con because I really can't remember much. Like I have a grip over the general stuff but when it comes to details it's kind of blank. XD
I know that they all talked about stuff their doing, like movies and all. Yasu was messing up everything he said of course and he was being extremely cute! After a while the four youngest went off stage to change so it was the three ossans left. I think Subaru said about three words during the whole MC. The others came back in their Crouton outfits and while the others went and got changed they said that we would understand what was coming if we had bought 8est, of course everyone knew. (There was actually a lot of fans with the crouton hats! ♥)


Can a song be more adorable?! The dance is adorable, the outfit is adorable, everything is just adorable! ♥

When the song ended they went off stage and they showed a VTR at the same restaurant/café/whatever-place and it was filled with loads and loads of eito stuff and pictures and what not and it was so pretty! One of the pictures started talking, I have no idea what they said but then it was this insect of some kind that came out of the earth and got wings (some insect that takes 8 years to grow and get wings? Cicada?) and it flew away and there was a shimmery eito and it was all pretty and I cried a little (again).


They popped out from under the main stage in their big t-shirts with an eight on like they used to have years ago. Yoko was even wearing green!! So adorable!! It was so special to see this, it really made me think about where they came from, how hard they've worked for these eight years to get where they are today and it just made me so, so happy!

Naniwa Iroha Bushi

So, the setlist I'm looking at says that there was also something else being played here but I honestly can't remember! Anyway, Okura came up from with the big drum at the middle stage and they were wearing their debut outfits and guh! It was so amazing to hear this live!! *___* So very special to see!

Osaka Rainy Blues

Love love love love!! I always really liked this song and the dance is really nice to do with the rest of the eighters and I was just so happy to see it! They lined up at the walkway in the middle and then they got out on the sides and they wore these blue sparkly coats!

Then! Hina came out up in the stands on the opposite side from us dressed like an Obachan with some leopard shirt and a curly wig!

Osaka Obachan Rock

He did this while going from one side of the stand to the other. I really don't like this song, I think it's probably the worst song they have, but then and there it was just really fun to do! At the end of the song he was all like "Aaaah! I had to sing it myself! XD" and then he got out a TV control and pushed a button and then Sankyoudai came up on stage!
Sadly, I had been spoiled for this, so I knew that it was coming but I got so excited anyway and of course they were being all cute and aaaaaaah! I was so happy! They did their first song


Yoko did a little "dance" to this that I don't know if it's ever been done before, I at least have not seen it before. It felt like a live kind of thing with breasts and stuff, but it was cute anyway! And we got to sing too which was lovely!!

Then Hina came out on our side of the stands, but far from us so I barely saw him. This time he had an even bigger remote control and pushed a button.


I freaking love this song! A part from Desire this is my favourite unit song ever! They did it for the first time at the spring tour 2008, the one I went to, and guuuh! They're both so very, very hot and I love the outfits and I love the dance. They were showing parts of the VTR Okura used at his solo cons and parts from the performance of it from the DVD. Sadly they had removed a lot of the touching from the choreography. I guessed they wanted to be facing the audience more, but honestly I think anyone would choose them touching each other over seeing their faces! XD They at least did their usual ending pose! Touching or no touching this thing was HOT!

Hina came out on the 2nd floor of the main stage and had this gigantic remote and pushed a button again and Yamada came out. I managed to spoil myself for that one too, but I didn't know what they were going to do. I don't really know what they did now either. It went right over my head, but they at least announced


This is such a happy song and they came out in their outfits for their unit stuff, so there was sankyoudai, yamada, obachan!hina and torn!ryokura. Too see Ryo and Okura jumping around to that song in their hot outfits was very amusing! XD Hina was jumping and dancing around like a crazy person!! And Okura and Ryo was all exhausted after their earlier performance!! SO CUTE!!!!

Hm. I guess the insect part of the VTR maybe was shown here? Idk, but they must have had time to change their clothes somewhere!
I actually think Okura, Maru, Yasu and Ryo got off stage and changed before the rest because there was a short jamming session. Subaru came out in the dark on the middle stage and he was so into it and it was beautiful to watch (yes, I watched Subaru in the dark instead of the once doing something on the main stage)

Anyway, the second band part started.


Yes, I liked that! Everyone was lifted up at these platforms around the arena. Yoko at the back stage, Subaru at the side close to me, Yasu at the one beside Subaru, Ryo in the middle and Okura with his drums on the main stage. Don't know who was standing where on the other stage. Yoko pretended to sing Subaru's part once (maybe more, but I couldn't get my eyes off Subaru after he got on the platform so).


Misetekure went directly into this one and while I thought it was a strange transmission I was so happy to hear it! Such a lovely song too! They were mostly running around being adorable and melting my heart!

And after this they all went up to the main stage and Ryo was thanking us and saying stuff I don't remember and then they did one final song before they went off stage.


I know that I cried a little and that my friend cried a lot, but I didn't really remember that it was this song they were doing. That's how very euphoric I was!

Then they went off and we all started shouting EITO EITO EITOOO!


They came out and Yoko said that they wasn't done yet.


We got to scream the words at the beginning and also sing for them and it was amazing and I love this song with all my heart! ♥ This song is so special, this and hitotsu no uta feels like the song for us, for the relationship for a lack of a better word between Eito and Eighters and it just felt really special to be there and hear it and sing it. Thank you Eito! ♥

During this song Yasu went straight into the audience at the other end of our stands and we died a little!

Zukkoke Otokomichi

Love this soooooong! It's so much fun to sing along with and to do the dance for!
I'm not sure when in the encore songs this happened, but Yasu got on a chart at the far end so then he obviously went passed us right at the end and he had this huge smile on his face and me and my friend screamed his name so loud! I try not to scream to them like that when they're singing but I got a bit desperate! XD Then he went off and Maru went on! He was also so cute and happy and we screamed so much for him too. Both of them kind of saw me but more in a sweeping look then one that actually focused on me.

Anyway, Zukkoke ended, they said their thanks and even though we stayed and tried to get them to come out one more time they didn't.

I have to say that that was the only negative thing about the concert, they didn't do any second encores and the con was "only" about 2,5 hours and not around 3 like they usually are. I know that they cut some songs out from the stadium cons like hitotsu and heavenly, both I would have loved to hear but I don't really feel the need to complain about it because it was the most amazing thing. I'm really tired right now and it's hard to write a coherent report when it's all jumbled in your head, but this was so amazing. I haven't been to a concert with eito for four years and the chock and joy of seeing them again was even a larger emotional experience than seeing them live for the first time.
They have given me so much. I turn to them when my own reality gets to though and I turn to them when I'm happy too.
Five years as a fan and I keep on loving them more and more with every year.
I missed a lot since I last saw them, they have grown a lot as a group and in popularity and I am just so grateful that I got to spend these two days at their concerts to celebrate their 8th year and commemorate all they've done in that time.

Thank you Eito, and thank you Eighters! ♥


Just watched the Hey!Hey!Hey! performance and OMG I love these boys so much. I can\t believe I'll be going to their concert in five days!!!! I'm so happy I don't know what to do with myself!! It feels so strange to actually be going again. Like I can't really believe it's true. But I know it is, I have one ticket here and the other one is with a friend and just.. We are going. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH LIFE!!!!! I WILL DIEEEEEEEE!


Guys! I don't know how to handle this! There will be a NEW SAILOR MOON ANIME OUT IN 2013. CAN I JUST CRY THE HAPPY TEARS NOW! SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN...


So. Eurovision Song Contest was held in Azerbaijan tonight. And Sweden fucking WON! I've loved this song and this performance since the first time I saw it and for the first time in years the song I liked the most actually went on to represent Sweden.




For you not in Europe who already saw it, I'm on my phone so I can't give you a link, but look her up on youtube. Loreen - Euphoria. I can almost guarantee you'll love it!


We haven't won since 1999 and I'm so happy it happened this year with this song.




This is bigger than winning in any kind of sports competition for me!


Just. So happy!










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Watching Scandal for the second time at the moment. I have to say, most of it is absolutely marvellous!


I love that we get to see a lot more of Mycroft, that we get to see feelings from Sherlock and of course the lovely connection between Sherlock and John. Them giggling together might be the most adorable thing!


Also John's shirt on Christmas was the most hideous and still cute thing ever!


Can't wait for fandom to go crazy with new shiny fics!

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Happy New Year!

I'm at work at the moment and I won't be off until 9 tonight and them I'll go home to an ongoing party and eat chocolate and drink some bubbles.


A happy new year to all of you. I hope that 2012 will be sparkly and that I'll get to see a lot of you in Japan celebrating Eito's 8th anniversary!



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